Gold Illusion 2 by Trestle – Vertical Game
Gold Illusion 2 by Trestle – Vertical Game

Gold Illusion 2 by Trestle – Vertical Game

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Gold Illusion 2 by Trestle is a great new multi-game with Vertical Screen Display.  Gold Illusion 2 features The Buffalo Game (25 Lines) and Bugs Crazy (8 Lines), a remake of a classic everyone is sure to love.  This board will conveniently work with either a Cherry Master or Pot-O-Gold harness.  No rewiring needed!

Gold Illusion 2 is available with many different software versions to comply with laws in different markets.  All the games in the Gold Club, Gold Skill, or Gold Illusion collection have a Community Jackpot Linking System.  This system allows you to link up to 100 Machines to one Community Jackpot!

** Gold Club, Gold Skill, and Gold Illusion games all have the option for Preview, Mandatory Preview, Skill, or Regular gameplay (Need to specify at time of purchase).

What’s Included

  • Gold Illusion 2 by Trestle Game board – The Buffalo Game & Bugs Crazy.
  • 25 Line and 8 Line Multi Game.
  • Vertical Screen Display.
  • Game Manual.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness or 28 Pin Pot-O-Gold Harness
  • Vertical Screen Display.
  • VGA graphics.
  • 25 Lines.
  • Community Jackpot Linking System: Link up to 100 Machines at One Time.
  • Point-Of-Sale system allows you to run your machines without bill acceptors or printers.
  • Printers, Bill Acceptor, and Card Readers can connect via Pulse or Serial.
  • Adjustable Bonus Frequency.
  • Hand Count Feature.
  • Score Box Feature.
  • Win a Penny Feature (Skill Version Only).
  • Extremely user-friendly and durable. No moving parts!